Charlie Hantler
Law Clerk

Charlie Hantler


In 2013 I finished my secondary education and decided to study law at Otago University, following in the family footsteps.

My part time role as law clerk and receptionist at Polson McMillan offers me the opportunity to learn first hand how things work in the real legal world, and helps with my student loan!

As well as my law degree I'm also studying for a B.A. in French and marketing, and hope to do a student exchange to France in 2017.  Longer term it's my ambition to become a sports lawyer, and so I keep myself abreast of developments in the sporting world by taking a keen interest in a variety of codes; following the Highlanders and braving many a middle-of-the-night wakeup as an avid supporter of Manchester United!

I'm a keen gym goer, like cooking and will always offer a friendly face, a cuppa and a bit of chat for clients when I'm behind the desk at Polson McMillan.